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µMPS has been ported on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X (PPC) and SUN Solaris UNIX platforms.

Currently, two releases exist: 1.23-RC1 and 1-23-RC2. There are no differences in the simulator, only in the installation/building process.

RC1 is better suited for quick testing and installation under non-privileged accounts.

RC2 supports autoconf/automake facilities, is better suited for system-wide installation (requires root account), and compiles under FreeBSD without errors.

The installation of µMPS on some platforms will require some additional libraries: libelf and XForms. They may be downloaded from the original sites or directly from the links below.


The following documentation is available:


µMPS uses the "out-of-the-box" gnu/gcc MIPS cross-compiler kit. The components may be downloaded from gcc.gnu.org or directly from the links below. While it is hoped that future versions of both the binutils package and the compiler itself will work with µMPS, the versions available below are known to behave properly with each other and with µMPS.

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